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Across the sea in 2 hours

Fast and comfortable travelling between Helsinki and Tallinn onboard our shuttles MyStar and Megastar several times a day! Discover restaurants, shops and nice lounges.

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Promenade on Silja Line ship


Step onboard Promenade and feel the excitement! Silja Serenade & Silja Symphony take you from Helsinki through the archipelago to Stockholm over one night. Enjoy the diverse services and entertainment and spend an unforgettable evening and night onboard. You can also book return cruise and spend a whole day in Helsinki or Stockholm!

Book with peace of mind

It's nice to feel extra safe when making travel plans. Add our cancellation protection and you can cancel up to 4 hours before your cruise in case something unforeseen should happen. Cancellation protection must be purchased in connection with the booking at least 48 hours before departure.

Explore cities around the Baltic Sea

Visit the capital of Finland

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Visit the capital of Sweden

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Visit the capital of Estonia

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Visit the oldest city in Finland

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On board everything is just a bit more magical

Surprise your child with Santa Claus

Santa Claus service

Surprise the youngest in the family. Invite Santa to the cabin to give your child a Christmas present. The service is available 4-26.12 on Tallinn-Stockholm ship and 1.-24.12. on Helsinki-Stockholm & Turku-Kapellskär ships.

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How do I order Santa?

1. Buy a gift of your choice from the ship's store (the service can only be ordered if the gift has been purchased from the ship's store), wrap it at the gift wrapping point and write the name of the recipient on top.
2. Go to Information desk and present the gift with receipt. There you can choose the time for Santa's visit the following morning or the morning after that.

3. Pay for the service at the information desk. Prices €9.90/cabin, Club One customer or FriendSHIP wristband owner €4.90/cabin.

4. Santa Claus visits the cabin at the agreed time in the morning, greets the children and hands over the gifts. He is quite busy, so he is able to visit each cabin less than ten minutes.

Santa Claus is already waiting for the opportunity to meet all the nice children!

Ask at the information desk for available times, there are a limited number of cabin Santa is able to visit.
Enjoy the Christmas food

Christmas tables

The Buffet restaurant tables are filled with Christmas treats until 26.12.2023. In addition to local traditional Christmas dishes, also international cuisine is available. You may also enjoy a special Christmas menu, even vegan menu, at the à la carte restaurants!

Velvet Collective Quartet on Baltic Princess


Do you fancy going on a party cruise to dance the night away, or would you rather relax with a glass of wine while enjoying some delightful music, or even indulge in some exciting shows? We cater to all tastes. Please find complete information about the onboard entertainment on our ships.



Meet Santa onboard!

Christmas is approaching, and we are honored to be Santa's Official Sea Carrier for his important voyage across the Baltic Sea. This year, Santa is aboard Silja Line ships from 1st December until Christmas Eve. It is the most enchanting time of the year, so be sure to come and meet him at sea!


Santa Claus is the goodwill ambassador from Finland


Find practical information before and during your trip.

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Tax Free

We have a large selection of tax-free products on board. Everything from clothing, toys, drinks to sweets and delicacies. Visit shopping.tallink.com and check out the best deals

Shopping on board

Shop Online

Did you know that it’s possible to order products directly home online 24/7? Order your favourite perfumes, candy, cosmetics, clothing and more with great prices from our web shop.

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Shopping Cruise

Drive on board Helsinki-Tallinn ferry and make a Pre Order in advance. Book a shopping cruise and get advantage of affordable sea prices!

Car Shopping


Welcome aboard Tallink and Silja Line to experience FriendSHIP - ship filled with fun activities and fun moments for kids! FriendSHIP experience package has been created to make the sea trip even more fun for children.

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There’s no tomorrow unless we act today. We need to reduce our impact on the environment and to have a positive effect on the communities in which we operate. We are working together for a more positive future and we at Tallink Silja believe it is our duty to do so.

Our sustainable actions

The brightest star - MyStar

Step on board the most innovative vessel on the Baltic Sea! Travel between Helsinki and Tallinn. Welcome onboard and be amazed!

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Green power solution

Shore-to-ship power cuts the emissions in ports.

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Effective air conditioning

The air in the ship’s cabins is continuously refreshed.

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Ice breaking experience

Our ships operate also in severe ice conditions.

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More luxurious weekdays, nicer weekends

Treat yourself to a mini-vacation. Indulge in delicious cuisine and relaxation, shopping, and entertainment on board Tallink Silja Line ships as we take you to fantastic destinations on the other side of the Baltic Sea. With eventful departures every day, your holiday is just a step away.