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Parim lõõgastus merereisil on nautida loksuvatel lainetel kehamassaaži, lasta turgutada meeldivate kreemide ja maskidega oma nägu või lubada hellitada oma käsi ja jalgu.

Ootame Sind 9. tekil saunakompleksis, hubases salongis, kus saad lõõgastuda ja nautida hooldusi. Meie teenuste valikus on hooldused kehale, näole, kätele ja jalgadele. 

Eelbroneeritavate teenuste kohta leiad lisainfot siit

Broneerimiseks palume helistada kontaktikeskusse vähemalt 48 tundi enne laeva väljumist. 

Ülejäänud teenuste broneerimine ja nende eest tasumine toimub saunakompleksis.

Vaata iluteenuste hinnakirja

Vaata juuksuriteenuste hinnakirja

Face treatments

The lenghts of the treatments may vary +/- 10 min

Description Duration Price
Facial massage with mask Facial cleaning, tonifying,peeling. Massage for face, neck and decolletage. Mask for eye area, face andneck. Eye contour cream and face cream. 25 min. 35,00€
Seasonal treatment Paraben-free seasonal oxygen treatment provides well-being and relaxation and meets the skin's requirements according to the season. Twice a year, Sothys develops a seasonal treatment package according to the season, in addition to regular skin care: in autumn, skin is tired and pallid, so the treatment includes truly cocoon-like substances, which nourish and smooth the skin, enrich the skin with oxygen and minerals. In spring, the harsh cold has left the skin needing more moisturisation, enrichment with oxygen and vitamins, so the treatment takes this into account. Quick seasonal treatment is a good change for regular care - it leaves the skin relaxed and fresh. Products also available for skin care at home! 45 min. 50,00€
SPA Thermal Water facial treatment for flushed and sensitive skinSothys rediscovers the healing affect of spring water by creating professional facial treatments using SPA Thermal Water for sensitive skin. The treatment makes use of exceptionally gentle textures and caters for all types of sensitive skin. 50 min. 50,00€

Body treatments

The lenghts of the treatments may vary +/- 10 min

Description Duration Price
Back peeling An exfoliation ritual with the exact fragrance, ingredients and thickness that suit you, resulting in the improvement of skin quality. 15 min. 12,00€
Back peeling with massageTreatment begins with back cleaning and peeling, after that relaxing massage. 25 min. 30,00€
Back massage 25 min. 25,00€
Feet massage 25 min. 25,00€
Back massage with magnesium oil 25 min. 27,00€
Feet massage with magnesium oil 25 min. 27,00€
Magnesium bath for feet + paraffin treatment for hand 25 min. 30,00€
Mild body peeling

Treatment begins with cleaning and peeling.

25 min. 29,00€
Classical body massage 55 min. 47,00€
Body massage with magnesium oil
One of magnesium oil’s great and unique advantages is its ability to dramatically raise DHEA levels. DHEA is one of the underlying hormones that regulates the production of many other hormones. Magnesium oil is the most e icient way for magnesium to be absorbed through the skin. The subcutaneous fatty tissue activates a series of reactions, one of which is facilitation of the production of the hormone DHEA. DHEA is of critical importance in regulating and balancing the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. DHEA is also the hormone that boosts testosterone production. Declining DHEA levels have a negative e ect on testosterone production. Hormone balancing is not the only advantage of magnesium oil. If you are under serious physical and mental stress, your body is not able to produce su icient amounts of gastric acid needed for digesting food and for chemically processing the magnesium so that the magnesium you take orally could be absorbed. In other words, if you are stressed out, your body cannot absorb the magnesium taken orally. Enjoy a massage with magnesium oil and you will be relieved of stress and excess tensions. The advantages of magnesium are ininite.
55 min. 49,00€
Aroma massage 55 min. 47,00€
Seasonal body treatment Once a year, Sothys develops a body treatment with a new texture, aroma and colour, aimed at the real gourmet. Exfoliating syrup makes the skin smooth and glowing in an instant and the velvety moisturising massage syrup gives the skin a pleasant fragrance. The inspiring wellness body treatment entails body exfoliation and a relaxing all-body massage. 55 min. 60,00€
Slimming body care treatment + Free face treatmentThe treatment starts with Slimming peeling wrap – 20 minutes. The peeling cream is removed with shower. After that, Fat cell reducing serum is applied to problematic areas with intensive techniques. It is followed by a Slimming massage with slimming massage emulsion. At the end of the treatment, Slimming activator is applied to the body and after that, a Slimming 24-hour cream. 90 min. 75,00€
HanakasumiA restoring and nurturing body ritual inspired by Japanese traditions. At the beginning of the treatment the entire body will be covered with a Cherry Blossom and Rice Powder Exfoliator, which will then be removed using soft exfoliating towels. The feet and the body will be massaged using Shea or Asian essences. 90 min. 70,00€

Hand- and foot treatments

The lenghts of the treatments may vary +/- 10 min

Description Duration Price
Paraffin treatment for handsPeeling, mask, massage, paraffin on the hands, hand cream. 25 min. 15,00€

Treatment for tired feetPeeling, relaxing massage.Mask for tired and swollen feet, which improves blood circulation and lowersswellings.
The treatment does not include pedicure.

45 min. 37,00€
Paraffin treatment for feet Peeling, mask, relaxingmassage, cooling paraffin. 25 min. 18,00€
Removal of toxins +paraffin treatment for hand Removal of poisons from theorganism. Energyfield and ionflow similar to the human body are taken toionic-detox footbath water and they start to restore the load of the cells.After cleaning course the cells can continue their function. Poisonous stuff isremoved from the body through the kidneys and skin. Sleeplessness, headaches,metabolic disorders are gone after treatment. 25 min. 30,00€