Cookies Policy

This is the Cookies Policy of AS Tallink Grupp (“Tallink”) and its subsidiaries (“Cookies Policy”), which describes the ways how Tallink uses cookies on our various websites.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are the files that collect various technical information about the user's computer, browser and website usage, such as the pages the user has visited and from which the user has placed orders. Tallink uses cookies, which are, for example, purely technical in nature or cookies that can identify the users of the website, facilitate navigation on the website and measure and analyze the user's habits of using the website. Cookies also allow you to remember information about your website visits, such as your preferred language and other settings.


What types of cookies do we use?

Necessary cookies
These cookies are required for our website to operate securely and correctly. Necessary cookies allow you to navigate on our website and use the desired service. Necessary cookies enable the basic functions of the website, such as identifying you when logging in to Tallink's websites, detecting repeated unsuccessful login attempts and identifying where you are in the purchase process and remembering the products added to your shopping cart.

These cookies allow the website to remember your previous choices, such as which language you prefer, which area booking information you are looking for, or what your username and password are so that you can log in automatically.

Statistics and analytics cookies
These cookies give us information about how you use our website and allow us to improve the user experience.

Marketing cookies
These cookies help us and our partners indicate personalized and relevant ads based on your online behaviour, even if you visit other websites later. The cookies in this category are used for targeted marketing and profiling, regardless of the device you use. The information collected for marketing purposes can also be combined with customer and traffic data if you have not refused to use your data for marketing purposes.


When do we use cookies?

If Tallink's customers use Tallink's services, Tallink and external service providers and partners may send cookies or other similar technology to the user's computer. We will ask for your permission to use the cookies that are not strictly necessary for the operation of the basic functions of our website or the provision of the service you request on our website.

Whether you have previously enabled or disabled cookies, you can return to your cookie settings and make the appropriate choices again at any time you change your mind.


Implementing provisions

Taking into account the possible changes in legislation, case law and technological developments, Tallink reserves the right to make changes to this cookies policy in order to ensure the high level of protection of personal data. All changes to the cookies policy will be posted on Tallink's websites. We will archive the earlier versions of our cookies policy.