Planning the trip and making a booking

When planning the trip, the disabled passenger/passenger with reduced mobility has to take into consideration the restrictions of sea travel and the requirements of possible emergency procedures. We recommend having your own assistant on board. Passengers who have a lower ability to travel must inform the cruise line of this when booking the trip even if no assistance is required.

Remember to make sure already when booking the trip that the voyage offers a service level that you require. We recommend that you make your booking in good time and at the latest by 48 hours before the departure. This should guarantee that the assistance you need is available.

It is also a good idea to check the arrangements beforehand and make sure that all necessary services and other special needs have been noted on your booking..

When planning your trip, you can get to know the handicap services on board our ships. Read more from the section ON BOARD ».

Assistance and your needs

When booking your trip, these kind of questions might be asked:

What kind of disability do you have?

What kind of guidance do you need?

Are you able to walk through the terminal and board the ship or do you need a wheelchair?

If you need a wheelchair, will you be using your own?

Is the wheelchair seat collapsible or equipped with a separate power source?

Do you need an assistant to push your wheelchair?

Can you move from the wheelchair without assistance?

  • What kind of assistance do you need during the voyage? In case you need assistance, please advise what kind of help you need. The cruise line does not offer personal assistance for example while dining, lifting, staying in contact, taking medication and going to the toilet during the voyage. Should you need such assistance, you are required to have your own assistant with you.

Do you have any medical equipment with you?

If you also have a serious health condition, you must contact your doctor and make sure that you can travel.