Ships built in Finland

Made in Finland

Did you know that 10 of Tallink and Silja Line's ships have been built in Finland! We are extremely proud of our ships and especially Finnish shipbuilding expertise.

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It is important for us that the ships are domestic


MyStar 2022, Helsinki–Tallinn
The construction of our newest vessel started in April 6, 2020 and entered in service December 2022 in Finland, at the Rauma shipyard. The green and energy-efficient MyStar operates on the Helsinki-Tallinn route. MyStar is the largest vessel ordered from Rauma Marine Constructions to date; the ship is 212 meters long and its gross tonnage is approx. 50,000 tons.
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Megastar 2017,

Megastar 2017, Helsinki–Tallinn
Megastar is modern and developed passenger car ferry in the Baltic Sea. Megastar, which was completed in January 2017 at the Meyer Turku shipyard, uses liquefied natural gas, or LNG, as its fuel, and its advanced hull design results in significant fuel savings when the ship operates. Megastar replaced Superstar, which previously operated on the Helsinki-Tallinn route.

Baltic Queen 2009,

Baltic Queen 2009, Tallinn–Åland–Stockholm
Baltic Queen is the latest of the new buildings commissioned by Tallink in the early 2000s. It was built at the Aker Finnyards shipyard in Rauma. Mea Mehtonen christened the ship on May 12, 2008. Baltic Queen operates on the Tallinn-Stockholm route, but for many years it has also traveled on other routes such as Turku-Stockholm and Helsinki-Tallinn routes.

Baltic Princess 2008,

Baltic Princess 2008, Turku–Åland–Stockholm
Baltic Princess, completed in the summer of 2008, is the sister ship of Baltic Queen and Galaxy. These sisters were all built by the Rauma shipyard, although Baltic Princess was also partially built in Helsinki. In addition, one block of Baltic Princess was transported from France to Finland. The ship has operated on its current route since 2013.

Star 2007,

Star 2007, Helsinki–Tallinn
Star, which joined Tallink's fleet in 2007, operates regularly between Helsinki and Tallinn. Star was the first vessel in Tallink's new Shuttle high-speed ferry concept and can complete the sea journey between cities in two hours. Star was built in Helsinki. The vessel is currently chartered out.

Galaxy 2006,

Galaxy 2006, Turku–Åland–Stockholm
Known for its special and cute exterior painting, Galaxy was completed for Tallink in April 2006 at the Rauma shipyard. Galaxy operated from Turku to Stockholm under the Swedish flag. Since autumn 2022 ship is under Estonian flag. Galaxy's special exterior painting is designed by Estonian artist Navitrolla, aka Heiki Trolla. The vessel is currently chartered out.

Victoria I 2004,

Victoria I 2004, Tallinn–Helsinki
Victoria was built at the Rauma shipyard and began operating in March 2004. The ship is Romantika's sister ship. EstonEstonian-bornish artist and illustrator Ilon Wikland is the godmother of the ship and christened it as Victoria I. The vessel has operated also on Tallinn-Stockholm route.

Romantika 2002,

Romantika 2002, Riga–Stockholm
Romantika was the first of Tallink Grupp’s 21st century projects. This 2,500-passenger ship was completed in May 2002 at the Rauma shipyard to be operating on the Gulf of Finland. The vessel is currently chartered out.

Silja Symphony 1991,

Silja Symphony 1991, Helsinki–Åland–Stockholm
Silja Symphony was completed at the Turku shipyard in 1991. It is the sister ship of Silja Serenade, which was completed in 1990. Swedish singer and actress Alice Babs christened the ship Silja Symphony on January 21, 1991. The heart of the ship is the magnificent pedestrian street Promenade, where you can find almost all of the ship's services and entertainment. Silja Symphony's premises were renovated in 2019, e.g. nightclub, bow bar and restaurants.

Silja Serenade 1990,

Silja Serenade 1990, Helsinki–Åland–Stockholm
Silja Serenade, completed in 1990, was built in Turku and is Silja Symphony's sister ship. Finnish actress and theater director Birgitta Ulfsson christened the ship Silja Serenade on April 2, 1990. When Silja Serenade was completed, it was the first ship in the world with a unique pedestrian walkway. The ship's facilities have been renovated in 2018 with a total area of 6,500 square meters. And still, the only 143 m long pedestrian streets in the northern Baltic Sea can be found at Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony.