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Silja Serenade & silja symphony
Always something New


The renewal work on Silja Line cruise ships continued when Silja Serenade was renewed in Naantali shipyard  during November 2018 and Silja Symphony during January 2019. The total area for renewal works was 6500 square meters on both cruise ships. The biggest renewals can be seen in modern nightclub Starlight, pleasant new Sea View bar in the front of the ship and also fine dining restaurant Bon Vivant is now having totally new interior. Furthermore old Steak House restaurant El Capitan has been transformed into Grill House and Old Port Pub turned into light and fresh Sea Pub. The renovations in cabins, corridors and stairways was also finished during the docking.

After the renewals both ships have more combined, airy and modern look to serve our clients the best possible way.

Welcome to renewed Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony!

Starting from  

New entertainment and dining experiences

New Starlight nightclub

Renewed nightclub Starlight

Former nightclub Atlantis Palace, was modernised during the docking dramatically and renamed again as Starlight. By changing the bars and stairs into different place, the functionality to serve clients was improved. Also the frontbar in connection to Atlantis Palace was renewed.

Take a look at images from the starlight

Sea View Lounge - Silja Serenade

Cosy Sea View Lounge

Together with the renewals in Starlight the somewhat hidden jem -frontbar, was also modernized as Sea View Lounge. Now this modern and light Lounge serves customers with plenty of seats to admire the landscapes of Baltic Sea.

Take a look at the images from Sea View Lounge

Uudistettu Bon Vivant

New Look in Bon Vivant

Fine dining restaurant Bon Vivant and its wine bar went through massive renewals during the docking. The space was modernised more airy and light to meet the Nordic cuisine and menus seamlessly.

Uusi Grill House

From El Capitán to Grill House

In divine grilled meat specialized El Capitan restaurant was changed and renamed to Grill House to follow the same theme as other pleasant Grill Houses in Tallink Silja vessels. In Grill House all meat lovers are treated with generous and tasty portions of comfort food, but also children will enjoy their time with own selection of food.

Silja Serenade - cabin renewals are ready

Cabin renewals

The ongoing cabin renewal work was also finished during the docking. Cabins have now new textiles, walls, furniture and lighting. In addition the bathrooms in Commodore cabins were renewed and bathtubs were changed into showers.  Additionally also the corridors, lift lobbies and other common areas got their own facelift.

Silja Resort - Always new experiences

Continuation of renewals 

Renewal works were continuation for what was started in 2014-2015. Then Silja Sereande & Silja Symphopny got new facades for the shops in Promenade, the conference department was renewed and coffee shop was built. Ongoing renewals are part of more extensive development in customer experience that sets objectives towards better cruise experience.