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酒会巡游2023 年 9 月 8 日、2023 年 11 月 10 日和 2024 年 2 月 2 日


在海上度过 22 小时的美好时光--从芬兰图尔库出发,共三个出发日。



Wine fair and champagne dinner

Wine fair on both days
39 €

Entry to the sparkling wine fair

The fair will be taking place in a conference room on the Baltic Princess on the outward journey at 19:30-22:30 and on the return journey at 10:00-14.30. Respected champagne and sparkling wine producers from several different countries will talk about their products and taste their best champagnes and sparkling wines. The sample products are at different price points (sample is 4cl)

Entry ticket 39€/person * 

*Entry ticket includes a welcome bag, that includes two-day fair tickets, a tasting glass with Bubble cruise logo, and 15 tasting vouchers (value 2€/voucher). You’ll receive your welcome bag from the conference area's Bubble Fair welcome desk. You can also purchase the ticket from the ship’s conference room (if any are left) as well as more tasting vouchers and snack plates. The wine convention’s age limit is 18.

Book a cruise + fair ticket

After choosing the date and cabin, you can find the entrance ticket to the wine fair in the Onboard Services section. Places are limited. All rights reserved.

4-course dinner with champagne at the Happy Lobster restaurant hosted by a Lombard producer
116 €

Lombard Champagne dinner

Enjoy a 4-course special menu accompanied by Lombard champagnes, in the Happy Lobster restaurant of Baltic Princess. On the departure of 19.4. the seatings are at 18.30 and at 21:30 (2.2. dinner is fully booked). The dinner is hosted by the producer of Tallink Silja's champagne Lombard. 

Our Chef de Cuisine have built the special menu around the four champagne gems of Lombard

Kindly notify our contact center about food allergies or special dietary requirements.

See the content of the special menu
Jerusalem artichoke soup with cold smoked trout roe
Champagne Lombard Extra Brut Premier Cru Blanc de Noirs

Charred and juniper marinated salmon with lemon fennel
Champagne Lombard Brut Nature Le Mesnil-sur-Oger Grand Cru

Glazed veal fillet with herb crumble, parsley root pure and onion broth
Champagne Lombard Blanc de Noirs Verzenay Grand Cru lieu dit «Les Corettes»


Poached cod with roasted cauliflower and nori, blue mussel- oyster sauce
Champagne Lombard Brut Nature Grand Cru

Lemon tartlet with blackberry sorbet and lime-meringue
Champagne Lombard Brut Nature Grand Cru

*4-course dinner + champagnes 129€/person (116€/person for Club One members)

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After you have selected your trip and cabin, you can find it in the Restaurants under Onboard Services section. The age limit for the dinner is 18 years. Places are limited. All rights reserved.

Masterclass timetables on the Wine Cruises

Times for Master Classed on 3.2.2024 departure

Return journey 3.2.2024

La Gioiosa at 11.00-12.00
12 €/person (Restaurant Tavolàta)

Taittinger at 11.00-12.00
19 €/person (Conference room Helsinki)

Moët & Chandon at 11.00-12.00
19 €/person (Conference room Tallinn)

Taittinger at 14.00-15.00
19 €/person (Conference room Helsinki)

Moët & Chandon at 14.00-15.00
19 €/person (Conference room Tallinn)

After choosing the date and cabin, you can find the Master Class lectures under Onboard Services section. The minimum amount of participants is 10 persons.

Times for Master Classed on 19.04.2024 departure

Return journey 20.04.2024

Style of Laurent-Perrier at 11.00-12.00
19 €/person (Conference room Helsinki)

World of Crémant at 14.00-15.30
12 €/person (Conference room Helsinki)

Champagne vs Sparkling wine at 14.00-15.00
15 €/person (Conference room Tallinn)

Bubble Bar Workshopat 14.00-15.00
15 €/person (Tavolata)


After choosing the date and cabin, you can find the Master Class lectures under Onboard Services section. The minimum amount of participants is 10 persons.

Master Class -lectures on the 19.4. departure

  • Master Class Laurent-Perrier


    Exclusive journey into the heritage of this esteemed Champagne house. Participants delve into meticulous craftsmanship, and distinctive terroir that define Laurent-Perrier's signature style all while having a champagne tasting guided by DipWSET Tiina Tuomainen. Lecture is held in Finnish. Age limit 18. 

    Sparkling wines to be tasted
    • Laurent-Perrier Cuveé Brut
    • Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut 
    • Laurent-Perrier Cuveé Rosé Brut 
    • Laurent-Perrier Grandi Siecle 

    Master Class -price 19 €/person. Age limit 18 y.o.

    Price includes champagne tastings. 
    Place: Conference room Helsinki
    Time: 11.00-12.00

    Master Class lecture is held in Finnish.

  • Master Class Crémant


    Captivating exploration of the world of Crémant to discover all the eight regions that officially can make Crémant in France. Journey with a tasting is guided by wine expert Gintautas Jasinskas, participants discover the intricate methods of production, regional nuances, and diverse grape varietals that contribute to the elegance of Crémant. 

    Gintautas Jasinskas is an recognized wine expert, teacher and lecturer with more than 20 years of experience in wine business, but also a wine writer and photographer and an organiser of various Wine Brain Games in Baltics and abroad. Experienced wine lecturer and teacher.


    Champagnes to be tasted
    • Perle Noir But Blanc, Cremant d'Alsace
    • LaChateau Brut Blanc, Cremant de Loire 
    • Salasar Carte Azur Brut Blanc, Cremant de Limoux
    • Marcel Cabelier Brut Blanc, Cremant du Jura 
    • Maison du Vigneron Cuvee 8 Brut Blanc, Cremant de Savoie
    • La Maison du Cremant Brut Blanc, Cremant de Bourgogne
    • Haut-Mouleyre Brut Blanc. Cremant de Bordeaux
    • Carod Brut Blanc, Cremant de Die

    Master Class -price 12€/person. Age limit 18 y.o.

    Price includes sparkling wine tastings.

    Time: 14-15.30

    Place: Conference room Helsinki 

    Master Class lecture is held in English.

  • Champagne vs sparkling wine

    Champagne vs sparkling wine tasting

    Embark on a thrilling blind tasting adventure in the champagne versus sparkling wine tasting masterclass, where participants become detectives of effervescence. This immersive experience challenges attendees to rely on their senses, discerning the subtle differences between real champagne and sparkling wines without seeing the bottles. As participants swirl, sniff, and sip, the guessing game adds an element of excitement, making this masterclass a dynamic exploration of the distinct characteristics that set champagne apart from its sparkling counterparts. Blind tasting is guided by sommelier and Tallink Silja Line Wine & Champagne Category Manager Annamari Nikkel.

    Sparkling wines to be tasted
    • 6 different bubbles in the tasting

    Master Class -price 15 €/person. Age limit 18 y.o.
    Master Class includes sparkling wine tasting. Kindly make your Master Class reservations in advance.
    Time: 14.00-15.00

    Place: Conference room Tallinn

    Master Class lecture is held in English.

  • Bubble Bar Workshop

    Bubble Bar workshop

    Let´s discover the world of spirits and see what happens if we put bubbles and spirits into one glass. In this workshop participants have the possibility to learn how to make four different bubble based cocktails with four different spirits. Bubble Bar workshop is guided by spirits expert Axel Lehtinen from Brown-Forman, where each participant have possibility to create all these cocktails by their own.

    Champagnes to be tasted
    • 4 different cocktails

    Master Class -price 15 €/person. Age limit 18 y.o.
    Time: 11.00-12.00

    Place: Tavolata

    Master Class lecture is held in Finnish.