The biggest inland City of Nordic countries.

Tampere is the biggest inland city in Nordic countries with industrial heritage that red brick buildings by Tammerkoski rabids reminds us from. Among many cultural activities, the World’s only Moomin museum is located here! Take a minibreak to this fascinating city with history and culture melting seamlessly together with lakes, nature and great food!

Moomin museum


Unique experience in the world’s only Moomin museum! In this lovely museum you can almost touch the wisdom, kindness and sympathy of all Moomin characters, books and illustrations. After the exhibition, visit also guided workshops, museum shop, restaurant and maybe send a good old letter to a friend with special Moomin postmark!

Museum Centre Vapriikki


Museum centre Vapriikki collects many popular museums in different genres under same old Linen Factory roof. Vapriikki hosts tens of exhibitions annually and offers lots to do for the whole family. In connection to the museums there is also Museum restaurant and gift shop.

Sauna Restaurant Kuuma


Kuuma is urban sauna restaurant in the heart of Tampere where you can enjoy terraces by the lake all year around. Two public saunas and dipping pool to Lake Pyhäjärvi topped with some nice drinks and local food – amazing concept for total relaxation!