Example of Day cruise itinerary


09:45 Check-in and embarkation at West Harbour T2, Helsinki

10:30 Shuttle departs to Tallinn

12:30 Arriving in Tallinn, disembarkation

13:00 City sightseeing & lunch

18:45 Check-in and embarkation at D-Terminal, Tallinn

19:30 Shuttle departs to Helsinki, dinner on board 

21:30 Arriving back to West Harbour T2, Helsinki

Remember to take your passport with you!


Enjoy shopping onboard

Enjoy the onboard services

2-hour trip on Tallink Shuttles is more than just a fast ferry crossing!

You have a lot of opportunities for spending your travelling time nicely:

  • Choose travel class depending on your needs
    Book Star Class, Comfort Lounge or Business Lounge ticket. Find out more →
  • Discover several restaurants, cafeterias & bars
    You can book in advance meal coupons and table to e.g. to Buffet lunch or just enjoy coffee or light snacks.  
  • Do your shopping onboard and get Global Blue refund!
    There are amazing selection of top brand products. Get to know the selection in advance →
  • Visit Information desk and get maps and other useful information
    Find out information about the must see sights in Tallinn & Helsinki, transportation etc.