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Enjoy cooling cocktails in a garden of paradise in the middle of the Baltic Sea like a true star. The million-dollar views and fresh air are free of charge!

Traveller Superstore

Two hours just isn’t enough to get your fill of shopping in the Traveller Superstore! You’ll lose all sense of time in the Baltic Sea’s most luxurious shopping mall, whether you’re a fan of Chanel or Dior, have a sweet tooth or love a tipple. On Deck 7 you’ll also find Nordic Corner, showcasing well-known brands from Estonia and Finland.

Family Picnic

What could be more fun than a picnic with the entire family in the middle of the Baltic Sea! The MyStar Family Picnic area is home to the magical Lotte Playland, where the youngest members of the family can run around, have fun and make as much noise as they like. Hopefully their little legs will lead them at last to the family-friendly café, whose menu includes every kid’s favourites.

The Chef's Kitchen

With just two hours on board and seven places to enjoy great food and drinks, your choices are effectively endless. To make your decision easier, bear in mind that on the MyStar you can eat as much as you want at the Delight Buffet, discover new culinary sensations at the Chef’s Kitchen, grab a quick bite at Fast Lane or Burger King or sample the refreshing drinks at Coffe&Co, Nordic Bar and the Sea Pub. There’s something for everyone aboard the MyStar!

Platinum lounge

Switch yourself off from the hustle and bustle of travel to focus on what’s important or take a break from your work in true style! The private and luxurious Business Lounge offers maximum comfort just the way you want and need it to be. In addition to stunning sea views, the lounge offers first-class WiFi, the latest newspapers, hot and cold food and a wide range of drinks.

When you are looking for even more prestige and high-end space to travel, we welcome you to Platinum Lounge, which is located in the heart of the Business Lounge. Platinum Lounge offers ultimate luxury – it’s a private place where you will feel like a real star.

The nicest two hours

Step on board the most innovative vessel on the Baltic Sea! Travel between Helsinki and Tallinn.

Day Cruise

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Return during same day

Price example includes fuel surcharge 5 € per person

One way / Return

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Single direction

Price example includes fuel surcharge 3 € per person

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Enjoy first class opportunities for relaxation, work or quality time with family.
MyStar has been built to satisfy all wishes.


Deck 9

In Garden, you can be closer to the sea and spend time in the fresh air. Garden is located on the 9th deck, at the stern of the ship, with an entrance from the Sea Pub.

A wide range of cooling drinks is served in Garden.

The Chef's Kitchen

Deck 9

The Chef’s Kitchen is a peaceful floating restaurant for foodies and ordinary food lovers alike. Every dish is designed by our own chefs. Make your tummy happy while you take in the beauty of the Baltic Sea. Meet us on deck 9.

Delight Buffet

Deck 9

The grand Delight Buffet is our most favoured place to eat.

Mix it up by choosing classic and modern dishes from several food markets. Here you can admire the seaviews and find the iconic shrimps among the wide selection of food. Soft drinks, wine, beer, coffee and tea are included.

Burger King

Deck 9

Indulge in the world-renowned Burger King restaurant while onboard. Enjoy a variety of options including mouth-watering hamburgers, crispy french fries, fresh salads, thirst-quenching soft drinks, creamy milkshakes, and delectable desserts. Convenient take-away options allow you to savor your meal in the comfort of all onboard passenger areas.

Coffee & Co. Lounge


Coffee & Co. Lounge is a spacious café-lounge, where you can relax and let the aromatic coffee pamper your senses.

The café serves Starbucks 100% Arabica coffee drinks and tea. To accompany the hot drink with a snack, you can choose from a variety of appetizing cakes and delicious sandwiches, as well as freshly baked pastries.

Fast Lane

Deck 9

At the self-service restaurant you can assemble a custom salad from an array of fresh produce displayed on open counters, or choose from a selection of warm dishes. Chefs are also on hand to create dishes tailored to your specific tastes. For a quick and convenient option, the Fast Lane area offers a variety of pre-made meals that can be enjoyed on-site or taken to go.

Nordic Bar

Deck 9

The Nordic Bar serves a variety of hot and cold drinks and snacks. The bartenders prepare cocktails even for the most demanding taste.

Sea Pub

Deck 9

Unwind in style at the Sea Pub, where a wide selection of refreshing drinks and satisfying snacks make it the perfect destination for casual relaxation while sailing at sea.

Family Picnic

Deck 8

Family Picnic with Lotte’s play area is a novel concept for dining and spending time with the whole family.

Customers of all ages will find a variety of snacks and light meals in its family-friendly menu.

Children's Playroom

Deck 8

Children playroom & Lotte Village The children's playroom is designed to ensure that even the youngest passengers have a delightful and fun-filled voyage. The playroom offers a wide range of toys for children to enjoy and comfortable seating options for parents to relax. Located on deck 9, the playroom is the perfect spot for families to spend quality time together. You can also head to the Lotte playroom on deck 8.

Traveller Superstore

Decks 7 & 8

Explore MyStar’s luxury and innovative Traveller Superstore, full of the world's leading beauty, fashion and beverage brands.

Extending through decks 7 and 8 of the ship, Traveller Superstore is a unique floating department store that offers an extensive selection of brands of every range: from classics such as Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, Furla, Moët Hennessy, Toblerone and others to local and sustainable products.

On the shop’s 8th deck there is a fashion pop-up area and on the 7th deck the special Promotional Area, Nordic Corner and Moomin World.

Promotional Area

Deck 7

Promotional Area is a new pop-up area onboard, where different brands can create and offer a comprehensive and special experience, bringing together the tastes, smells, visual and tactile side of their products.

Showcases by beauty brands, various food and beverage manufacturers and technology companies change regularly, and something new and exciting is waiting for you in the pop-up area every time you travel.


Deck 7

On the 7th deck of the Traveller Superstore with its special and stylish interior, you will find a wide range of spirits and wines from all over the world.

From classics such as Bacardi, Absolut Vodka and Beefeater to the finest and most precious Macallan whiskeys, Remy Martin Louis XIII cognacs and champagnes.

Travel classes

Every MyStar passenger will feel comfortable and welcome on board.

We offer four different travel classes: Star Class with different seating and dining options, a quiet and more private Comfort Lounge, Business Lounge suitable for work and with full catering, and a particularly luxurious and private Platinum Lounge.

Comfort Lounge

Deck 8

The Comfort Lounge is a combination of convenience and privacy. Equipped with Wi-Fi and many power outlets, you can comfortably catch up on work, watch TV, read the newspaper, or enjoy a meal. The Lounge also offers a wide selection of snacks, including savory and sweet options, fresh veggies with dipping sauce, desserts, and non-alcoholic beverages, all included in the price. With a capacity of 140 people, the Comfort Lounge is located on deck 8.

Business Lounge

Deck 8

Business Lounge is a quiet, stylish and beautifully designed area for passengers travelling for work.

It is a modern, spacious office with a nice sea view, where it’s good to concentrate and where the ideal conditions for taking a break from work have been created as well. In addition to first-class Wi-Fi, it offers newspapers, warm and cold dishes and a wide range of drinks.

Platinum Lounge

Deck 8

A private lounge with only six seats is perfect for passengers seeking luxury and looking to enjoy the cruise on a whole new level – thanks to personal service, you can spend the entire cruise enjoying the exclusive onboard experience without having to leave your comfortable armchair, and sipping on a crisp glass of Dom Pérignon. Treat yourself to the taste experience from the à la carte menu of the ferry’s gourmet restaurant, served directly to the Platinum Lounge. If you wish, you can also enjoy the buffet table from the Business Lounge, or order flame-grilled burgers from the Burger King restaurant. We have thought of everything – enjoy an exclusive and personal shopping experience at the ferry’s shops without actually visiting any of the shops. The purchases will be delivered to you or taken to your car. If you want to go to your vehicle during the cruise, it is no problem – when buying a ferry ticket, exchange the Priority Car service included in the price for a garage.


If you prefer, you can enjoy the two-hour cruise in a comfortable cabin (8.7 m²). A-class cabins with windows and B-class cabins without windows are located on the 10th deck. The cabins can accommodate 2 or 4 people, depending on the number of passengers. All cabins have a toilet and a shower.

An extra bed and a night pot can be ordered for children in the cabin at no extra charge.

MyStar has special cabins for people who are travelling with pets, who suffer from allergies, and also for passengers with special needs. There are office cabins equipped with a writing desk on board as well.

Suite cabin

Deck 10

Sail elegantly across the bay – MyStar’s modern suite offers a calm and stylish retreat during the two-hour sea voyage. A wide double bed, spacious bathroom, minibar and high-speed internet await you in the suite. Enjoy the sea view right from your bed, work in silence or enjoy a glass of sparkling wine in your private oasis in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The spacious, yet bright and cosy suite is located on the 10th deck of the ship.

Other services

Information desk

The information desk is located on deck 8. There, you can borrow a wheelchair and a lock for the pet cages located on deck 7. The information desk also sells public transport tickets and Helsinki Cards.

Cabin Card Dispensers

The Cabin Card Dispensers are located next to the information desk on deck 8. Cabin Card Dispensers for Cargo are in the Drivers' Lounge on deck 10.

Luggage Rooms

There are two luggage rooms on deck 8 – price 2 € per person (max. two bags + overcoat). Next to the luggage room on deck 8 and in the Sitting Lounge on deck 9 there are lockers for shopping bags and outdoor clothes – price 4 € for the big locker, 2 € for the small locker. Lockers are not suitable for luggage.

Travelling with pets

The kennel is located on deck 7. There are 4 large and 6 small pet cages. Dimensions of the large cage are 103,5 x 77,5 x 102 cm and of the small cage are 69 x 77,5 x 102 cm. For people traveling with pets, you can also book a special A-class pet cabin on deck 10.

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