Happy New Year!

Come to the best ships on the Baltic Sea! Enjoy our excellent restaurants, various possibilities for tax-free shopping and international entertainment and admire the beautiful archipelago around you! It is a truly unforgettable experience to sail through endless ice fields with fantastic sculptures in the pack ice marking the route! Let’s raise a toast and celebrate the New Year together!

Helsinki-Stockholm New Year cruises

New year cruise on Silja Symphony

Silja Symphony New Year cruise from Helsinki

On Silja Symphony’s New Year’s cruise from Helsinki on 30.12.2023 you can peacefully shop and for example, relax in the Sunflower Oasis -spa area. The show experience in the Starlight club will create excitement into your evening and you can even visit Stockholm on New Year’s Eve. Why not book now?

On the return, you’ll enjoy the holiday delicacies in the Grande buffet with a glass of bubbles or you might choose the delicious 4-course New Year’s menu with drinks (vegan option available) in the Tavolàta restaurant. As the year changes you can celebrate it in the Starlight nightclub enjoying the house band, or with Joy the Coverband -party ensemble on the Promenade. From the shops, you’ll be able to purchase affordable homecoming gifts. Kids are kept entertained in the Silja Land -playroom and Harry the Seal as well as Moomin are onboard.

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New Year cruise on Silja Serenade

Silja Serenade New Year Cruise from Helsinki

On Silja Serenade’s New Year’s cruise from Helsinki on 31.12.2023 you can leave the past year behind on the outward journey and welcome the new one. New Year’s celebrations couldn’t be easier – everything is under the same roof and imagine, no lining up for a taxi!

On 31.12. Feast in the Grande Buffet with a glass of bubbles or you can go and enjoy the 4 course New Year’s menu (vegan option available) in the Tavolàta restaurant. You’ll enjoy the eventful show experience and the house band in the Starlight nightclub or enjoy the music of the Lisää Skumppaa! -band on the promenade and dance into the new year. At the same time, you can shop for clothes, accessories, makeup, perfumes, and party drinks with a seafare. The kids will enjoy their own program and are accompanied by Harry the Seal and Moomin!

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New Year cruises from Turku and Tallinn

New Year cruise on Baltic Princess with brunch

Baltic Princess New Year Cruise from Turku

Baltic Princess’ 22h New Year’s cruise from Turku on the 31.12. 2023 will ensure that the year will change on the sea with glorious food and entertainment. On New Year’s Eve enjoy the Grande Buffet restaurant’s dishes that include a glass of sparkling wine, and get entertained with PAM! feat Ella -party band and with the dazzling Divet show, where the famous drag star Marko Vainio performs an incredible number of stars.

Shop for clothes, cosmetics, party drinks etc. effortlessly and with always affordable sea fares. Book your car to the ship park starting from 50€, you can easily load your shoppings. Kids will enjoy themselves in the Silja Land -playroom and with the program hosts’ extra activities. Children’s favorite Harry the Seal is also onboard, alongside Muumin. On the first day of the year, you can get up a little bit later and start the year with a festive brunch with a sea view in the Happy Lobster restaurant, it couldn’t get any better!

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New Year cruise from Tallinn to Stockholm on Baltic Queen

Baltic Queen New Year Cruise from Tallinn

Welcome to Baltic Queen’s Day in Stockholm -cruise for New Year’s celebrations on the 30.12.2023 departure. Try out a new way to celebrate New Year. On New Year’s Eve, you’ll pick your favorites from the Grande Buffet restaurant’s selection with a glass of sparkling wine or choose a delicious New Year’s menu with drinks (Aleksandra or Gourmet- restaurant). Enjoy yourself in the nightclub with the house band and in the piano bar with the guitarist or pianist. From the shops, you can buy fashionable clothes and accessories, makeup, perfumes, sweets etc. affordably.

Kids will enjoy the cruise in the playroom and the children’s favorite Harry the Seal is also onboard. On New Year’s Eve, you can wander around the wintery Stockholm or enjoy the warmth of the ship. To start the year and end the cruise you’ll get to feast an abundant brunch accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine. 

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