Collect and Save campaign Tallink Silja


Shop at Tallink and Silja Line ship stores and at Tallink Travel Retail stores in D-Terminal and receive one sticker for every purchase of 10 € or more.
The consumer game has three levels –  collecting 10, 20 or 30 stickers allows you to purchase quality promotional products for up to 57% off the recommended domestic price.
When redeeming products, you hand over the consumer game booklet with the appropriate number of stickers to the shop or information worker.
Promotional products are available at a discounted price during the campaign period only. These promotional products can also be purchased at the regular price, without the stickers.
We reserve the right to replace consumer game products with equivalent products during the campaign.

Get more information at Tallink Travel Retail and Tallink Silja ship stores and the information desk.

The campaign is valid from the 1.1. - 30.6.2020 or while stocks last.