Serial tickets for Tallinn-Helsinki route

Fixed price for seat and vehicle

If you travel frequently between Tallinn and Helsinki, we recommend serial tickets! There are up to 6 daily departures from both cities, so we are sure you will find a suitable schedule for your needs. Choose a suitable type of serial ticket for your purposes.


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1. クラブワン会員もしくは企業会員にご登録下さい(ポイント獲得に加え、回数券はアプリでもご利用頂けます)。
2. ご購入される回数券の種類と、必要であれば車両券を選択下さい。
3. ご選択した種類の回数券をお支払い下さい。

Serial tickets - flexible and convenient



Terms and conditions of Tallink serial tickets


  • Serial-ticket is valid for 8x, 14x, or 24x one-way trips on the Tallinn-Helsinki or Helsinki-Tallinn routes.
  • Serial ticket is issued to one specified person or company, but they are not personal, and they can be shared with others.
  • One passenger serial ticket is valid for one passenger on a one-way trip.
  • One vehicle serial ticket is valid for one vehicle on one-way travel and does not include a passenger ticket.
  • Tickets are valid for 12 months after purchase.
  • You can purchase a trip with a serial ticket from Tallink's sales agencies, call center, or website by providing the serial ticket's code.
  • You can use up to 6 serial tickets in one booking.
  • In Online booking, the serial ticket is always automatically connected to the first leg of the roundtrip. 
  • There is no penalty fee for changing the ticket paid with a serial ticket and you can change the ticket until the end of the check-in, excluding the bookings that have additional paid services that have their normal changing/cancellation fee (e.g. meals).
  • Prices include fuel and CO2 surcharge.
  • Unused serial tickets are non-refundable.