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Cool tips from our seafood experts on board

Sea keeps giving us edible treasures, but how to enjoy them? Come and enjoy the majestic scenery of the Baltic Sea and enjoy the fresh and ready prepared fish table. Or put together your own seafood plate at home.

Article published 20.07.2022

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Herkullinen Äyriäisvati Happy Lobster -ravintolasta

Seafood platter since year 1990

Originally the seafood platter is from the fish restaurants' menus in Brussels, in Belgium. Tallink Silja's seafood platter has been at sea since 1990. We have put only the best, the finest and most delicious ingredients on it. The ships' Happy Lobster restaurant also offers fresh lobster, oysters, shrimps, and clams. Additionally, Grande Buffet restaurant offers many types of seafood.

Leipä maistuu äyriäisten kanssa

Delicate Seafood

Fresh seafood can be eaten as such, but the delicate taste also goes well with aioli, Rhode Island sauce and Skagen, invented by the Swedes. These are served together on the ships' fish and shellfish plate.

We take sustainability and responsible food and supply chains seriously. All our ships have been awarded MSC certificate, the most reliable environmental certificate for sustainable and trackable fishing.

Build your own Happy Lobster dish at home

We build cold plates in our own way at the Happy Lobster restaurant. There are also hot fish and shellfish dishes on the menu, but nothing prevents you from preparing a fish and shellfish plate at home. All seafood should be laying on a mattress of ice, so better to be generous with the amount of crushed ice. Use your imagination, for example, assemble beautiful cake pans into a tall stack. For example, lobster, shrimp, crayfish, and various oysters are suitable for the plate. Cut the fresh lemons into slices and decorate the whole beauty with fresh dill. Voilà!

Tuoreet merenelävät Happy Lobster -ravintolasta

The crowned World Champion of oyster opening

Tallink Silja's Executive Chef Anti Lepik has won the oyster opening World Championship for several times! He is also the title holder of the 2022 European championship. Congratulations once again, Anti!

TIP: Find out how to open oysters.

Welcome to enjoy seafood at sea

When you book meals on the ships in advance, you save up to 15% of the Tallink and Silja Line meal price. Meal vouchers can be used as partial payment in all restaurants.

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How to open an oyster

  • Oyster opening

    Open an oyster and enjoy (life)

    The oysters offered at Happy Lobster are already shucked, but open-yourself oysters are enjoyed this way.

    • kitchen towel
    • oyster knife
    • cut-proof glove
    • crushed ice

    1. Wash and brush the oyster shells carefully. Tap the shell, the live oyster closes its shell. Place a clean kitchen towel in the palm of your hand and place the oyster on it, convex (curves outward) side down. The oyster is slippery, the towel holds it in place.

    2. Use oyster shucker. Insert the tip of the knife between the long side of the shell, you may find a small gap where the knife slips easily. Turn the knife so that the shell halves open. Cut resistant gloves or similar prevents damage. Check that the oyster is alive. Touch it with a fork or drop lemon juice on it, the live oyster moves.

    3. Carefully slide the blade across the shell and remove the top shell. Then place it with the shell on top of the ice. Make sure you don't leave any shell chips in the oyster.

    4. Eat and enjoy with an oyster fork as it is or season the oyster with classic spices; with lemon or red wine vinaigrette.

    Different oyster species have their own characteristics. The full and meaty Gillardeau arrives from France, the Rock Oyster variety for thrifty oyster lovers comes from Ireland. It can be recognized by its elongated shape.