Timetable Helsinki-Tallinn

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Departure Duration Ship Arrival
Departure Duration Ship Arrival
Exceptions on Helsinki-Tallinn route
Ship Date Departure Arrival
Silja Europa 20.08.2022-19.06.2023 chartered outside the company
MyStar 30.03.2023 no departure from Tallinn 19:30
no departure from Helsinki 22:30
Star 30.03.2023 no departure from Tallinn 14:45
no departure from Helsinki 18:15
Star (replacing MyStar) 30.03.2023

Tal 19:30

Hel 22:30

Hel 21:30
Tal 00:30*
MyStar 12.08.2023 Hel 23:30 Tal 01:45*
Megastar 12.08.2023 Tal 22:30 postponed to 13.08.2023  Tal 01:30   Hel 03:30
Silja Europa 12.08.2023 Tal 10:00
Hel 15:45
Hel 13:00
Tal 18:45
Silja Europa charter 05.10.2023 normal timetable
Silja Europa charter 04.11.2023 normal timetable


*)following day