Dansons et amusez-vous!

La vie quotidienne est laissée à la minute où vous vous mettez à bord! Les divertissements sont variés, allant des meilleurs artistes, des groupes de fête aux troubadours. Tout cela est maintenu ensemble par le directeur de croisière qui est entendu et vu tout autour du navire dans différentes activités.

Nous offrons quelque chose pour tout le monde. Ici vous trouverez des activités pour les enfants et les adultes.

Programme de croisière Silja Serenade 1.1.- 29.2.2020 →

The Best Musicians

Early in the evening you can enjoy a wonderful pianist playing tunes on Promenade. Later head to the pub and listen energetic troubadour playing well known songs and sing along! Starlight is the place where a live band plays dance music and where we have the amazing shows.

Late night Show

Highlight of the evening is always the late night Show. Welcome to Starlight to see full stage of dance extravaganza! Enjoy music, stunning outfits and choreography of magnificent dancers. In the early evening on Promenade you can also practice your dance steps for the evening together with these professional dancers! 

Circus themed show production on Helsinki-Stockholm ships in spring 2023

All Circus

Silja Serenade | Production by Pirat Crew 16.3.-31.5.2023

Innovative and high energy performances will amaze and wow our guests! Pirat Crew shows are unique blend of circus acts, theatre and live music. In addition to Starlight shows, we have artists performing on Promenade and daily workshops for kids.

Silja Symphony | Production by Action Street 15.3.-31.5.2023

Magnificent Action Street is presenting dance and acrobatic show with elements of break dance, circus art and also the quintessence of classical and modern choreography. In addition to Starlight shows, we have artists performing on Promenade and daily workshops for kids.

Children are our guests of honor!

We organize a lot of fun activities! You can meet the lovely Harry the Seal mascot on board during weekends and holiday seasons. Additionally, kids will have their own show in Starlight during the local holiday season and in summertime additional play area at the conference area.

Moomin & Harry The Seal onboard every day during school holidays:
Summer holiday: 2.6.-12.8.2023
Autumn holiday: 13.10.-4.11.2023
Christmas holiday: 22.12.2023-6.1.2024


Try your luck at the Casino! You will find roulette, play Black Jack and slot machines in the bow of the ship on deck 7.