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Beat Boat Festival Latin

The shortening days have the tendency to take us down, but this autumn we won’t give in. I can do it, you can do it, we can all do it together – defeat the autumn on Silja, ¡olé! Let the music take you away, dance until the dawn, party and feast for a bit.

Why loiter at home when the fiesta waits on the sea? 

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¡Olé! There's a Fiesta at the sea.

¡Muy caliente! Flavours of the fiesta brought to life

¡Muy caliente! Flavours of the fiesta brought to life

From the 1.8.  Grande Buffet -restaurant's colourful Fiesta-theme table will offer you treats that include nachos, chicken enchiladas and churros for dessert – ¡Claro! Youngest bambinos of the age 0-5, will feast in the Grande Buffet for free, when accompanied by an adult that has a prepaid Buffet voucher. On Helsinki-Stockholm-route ships' Grill House -restaurant's special Fiesta menu (1.9.-31.10.) has delicious Latin-American dishes. Club One members get a -10 % discount of the seasonal menu's price.

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¡Dios mio! The nicest way to shop

¡Dios mio! The nicest way to shop

At sea you shop with sea-prices, even up 20 % cheaper from on land-prices! The ship is a big shopping world, where you’ll find clothes, accessories, toys, perfumes, cosmetics, party drinks as well as sweets. If desired, you can also dress with the theme to be a flamenco-señorita or a tango virtuoso virtuoso, or at least add a flower on your chest or hair and the shopping will be like dancing. you are also able to purchase Fiesta merchandise onboard – ¡Por favor!

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¡Viva la Beat Boat! Let the beat lead you

Marcos Ayala show on Silja Serenade 1.9.-31.10.2023

The Marcos Ayala show 1.9.-31.10.2023

On Silja Serenade 1.9.–31.10.2023 we'll see Marcos Ayala Dance Company's show. By combining classic and modern tango as well as modern dance techniques with an amazing music, they create an extraordinary experience! You’ll enjoy the elegant costumes and both talented and iconic tango. From Helsinki to Stockholm as a late-night performance is the Tango, where the story begins and from Stockholm to Helsinki Tangos in black and white. At the early evening you’ll also see a show, so there will be 4 different shows on the cruise.

In addition, on the 1.9.-31.10. you can attend dance classes, that’ll teach you the basics of the tango!

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The performances in Starlight in the Helsinki-Stockholm-direction:

The Milonga -performance at 21.00 Finnish time - Duration 25 minutes.
The halls where people gather to dance tango in Buenos Aires, are known as "Milonga". Like in Milonga, the dancers in the performance are having fun and showing their skills on the dance floor and you can also find tango's true essence. Do you dare to dance the tango?

Tango, where the story begins -show at 23.00 Finnish time - duration 25 minutes.
In the atmosphere and lights of Buenos Aires the dancers and stories meet. In the embrace of tango the differences between two people might even dissapear. They are no longer strangers and the emotions blend into tango. Is this the night, when love wins?

The shows in Starlight Stockholm-Helsinki-direction:

Love & Tango -show at 21.00 Swedish time - duration 25 min.
This performance has been inspired by one of the biggest modern day tango composer, Astor Piazolla's, music. It takes us through different emotions of love, with tango.

Tangos in black and white -show at 23.00 Swedish time - Duration 25 min.
The elegance and technique skills of tango are praised in this show, that'll transfer the popular dance sophisticated. A different dance-show, where the technique is in the center.

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Pasion Latina show Silja Symphonylla 1.9.-30.10.2023

Passion Latina shows 1.9.-31.10.2023

On Silja Symphony 1.9.–31.10.2023 you'll experience the Passion Latina shows. The Argentinian and Spanish dancers are combining traditional and modern flamenco, hip shaking Latin dances as well as Argentinian tango in their show, with amazing costuming and music of course. From Helsinki to Stockholm as a late-night performance you’ll see the Latino and from Stockholm to Helsinki is the Flamenco Fever. You will also see a show in the beginning of the night on both departures from Helsinki and Stockholm, so there will be 4 shows altogether.

In addition, on the 1.9.-31.10. you can attend dance lessons that will teach the basics of the dances!

Learn more about the shows on Silja Symphony

Shows in Starlight on Helsinki-Stockholm-direction:

Tango & Malambo -show at 21.00 Finnish time - Duration 20 min.
Immerse yourself into the enchanting essence of the Argentinian culture. Witness the thundering rhythm of Malambo and the passioante embrace of tango as well as the untamed spirit of the Gauchos. The performers will take you into the soul of Argentina by presenting the power, sensuality and traditional elegance of the iconic dances.

Latino -show at 23.00 Finnish time - Duration 20 min.
Get ready for a pulsating and sensational latina dance performance! Experience the rhythm of salsa and merengue, the latin pop and the passionate embrace of bachata. You'll enter the world of lively energy and undeniable chemistry that will guarentee a joyful party atmosphere.

Shows in Starlight Stockholm-Helsinki-direction:

Hispanico -show at 21.00 Swedish time - Duration 20 min.
Experience the spanish culture's passionate rhythms and lively energy in a dance performance, where the traditional Spanish elegance wraps into the soul of the fiery flamenco. The talented performers and expressive coreography will certainly charm you.

Flamenco Fever -show at 23.00 Swedish time - Duration 20 min.
Enjoy the intensity of traditional flamenco and the dynamic modern flamenco. Technically skilled knocks, talented hand movements as well as polished expressions will absob you into the charm of the performance.

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