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ABBA & Queen 트리뷰트 공연

실야라인 크루즈에서 불후의 명곡의 감동과 재미를 느껴보세요. 
시즌 특집 ABBA & Queen 트리뷰트는 헬싱키-스톡홀름 구간의 선박에서 아래 기간 동안 하루밤에 2회 공연됩니다. 데크 7-8의 스타라이트 나이트클럽에 여러분을 환영합니다! 

Silja Serenade 실야 세레나데 2022.11.7-2023.1.16
Silja Symphony 실야 심포니 2022.11.7-2023.2.2

Feel the power of music!

Book your cruise into the world of Queen music!

Queen-tribute:  Helsinki → Stockholm

Queen tribute Game Of Love is all about Rock. Let your inner Rock Star out with favorites like Another One Bites the Dust, Don't Stop Me Now and It's a Kind of Magic. Book cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm and breath in the rock spirit!


Book your cruise into the world of ABBA music!

ABBA-tribute: Stockholm → Helsinki

ABBA-tribute Thank You For The Music -gets you into the sprit of evergreen hit songs such as Gimme Gimme Gimme, Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen and Chiquitita. Book a Day in Stockholm cruise from Helsinki and let the music take you away from the ordinary.


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