Think big. Think out of office.

What is the key to successful event? When venue, program and catering is well organized, everyone can enjoy and focus on the meeting. Our dedicated staff onshore and at sea are professionals in event organizing. Take your team for a cruise!

Why to have a meeting or an event on board?

  • It is Super Easy

    Our professional staff organizes thousands of events a year. Forget the hassle here and there – your own contact person will help you through the process from the planning to the materializing of the event.

  • It is cost-efficient

    Accommodation, venue fees and dining can easily expand into huge costs. On Tallink Silja ferries you get all under the same roof, so the savings are remarkable

  • Yritystilaisuuden järjestäminen laivalla - monipuolista

    It is versatile

    Our versatile facilities offer something for everyone, whether you would like to stay on board our ferries or head to one of our Tallink hotels. There is restaurants and entertainment for every taste.

  • Yritystilaisuuden järjestäminen laivalla - mieleenpainuvaa

    It is something to remember

    The excitement arouses when you step on board and the cruise atmosphere will carry through the whole trip. When everyone is at same place and genuinely present, you have bag full of memories together to take home with.

  • Yritystilaisuuden järjestäminen laivalla - kerralla huvi ja hyöty

    It combines the work and pleasure

    The entertainment is also big part of the event or group meeting. Even though the seaview will get new ideas float like nothing else, the best and most awaited time is usually the free time with colleagues and friends.

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Get Inspired

Sea and ship are fruitful surroundings for creativity: Forget the everyday life at the office and clean your mind from old habits. How about VIP Conference room in Silja Europas highest point to spread the minds for fresh ideas and totally new thoughts, with amazing seaview.


  • Baltic Princess 23 hour -cruise
  • Day in Stockholm -cruise from Helsinki


Various healthy snacks, a good balance of intense meetings, and fun leisure time guarantee a successful team cruise. 
Take a look a the conference menu example
Sea views make wonders!

Welcome to a sea conference


Team building

Enjoy the quality time with your team mates without distractions from everyday life. On team building cruise colleagues become friends and titles are forgotten. Long and tasty dinners, dancing until the morning and delightful souvenirs to take home to... Try out some of our shorter cruises to strengthen the teamspirit and wellbeing on your team!


  • Day Cruise to Tallinn from Helsinki
  • 22 h -cruise from Helsinki to Tallinn

Total relaxation is guaranteed with Sauna Package on Europa, for more wilder spirits maybe visit and walk on the edge of the Tallinn TV Tower.

Check for more activities on Tallinn for groups

board meeting

Board meeting onboard

Should you book a meeting, annual conference, larger seminar or any other event with conference facilities to go through things? We have the rooms and services for you including different seating layouts, catering and accommodation under same roof.


  • Conference Day in Tallinn
  • 23 hour- and 22 hour -cruises
  • 2 night and 1 day cruises from Helsinki to Stockholm

Tavolàta-group menu takes you to the Italian dinner on Baltic Sea. Laughter is brightest where food is best!

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Celebrations at sea

Birthdays, graduations, pre christmas parties, crayfish parties - we got it covered! Drinks, food, music and dance floor is already waiting for you! One of the best things in parties onboard is definitely the fact that in the early hours of the night nobody has to stand in the taxi line.


  • 11 hour -Archipelago cruise from Turku
  • Day in Stockholm -cruise from Helsinki
  • 23 hour -cruise from Turku
  • 22 hour -party cruise with Europa from Turku


The special group menus, such as the Grill House menu, guarantee a memorable evening. Seafood lovers will be pampered with the well-known Seafood Platter in Happy Lobster!

  • Yritystilaisuus laivalla - Tapahtuman järjestäminen

    Organizing an event onboard

    1. Define the nature of the event and group number.
    2. Estimate the time needed for program.
    3. Contact – our professionals will organize everything from the beginning.
    4. Lets share ideas! – our professionals puts ideas together and operates arrangements from accommodations and venues to dining and other activities.
    5. Hop onboard! Enjoy the event to remember!