Combine a trip to Porvoo with your sea trip while in the Helsinki region.

View to Porvoo Old Town

The city of charming moments.

Located about an hour drive from Helsinki, picturesque Porvoo is one of Finland's most popular travel destinations and is considered by many visitors to be the most beautiful. Being the second oldest city in Finland, much of historic Porvoo's appeal is in the section known as Old Porvoo, stretching from its iconic red ochre warehouses on the waterfront, up medieval cobbled streets lined with wooden houses and boutiques and cozy cafés, to ancient Porvoo Cathedral.

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Activities in Porvoo


Visitors will find a wide range of experiences and activities available in Porvoo and the surrounding nature. There are cruises to the nearby archipelago and along the river, or you can choose to explore the waters in a rented canoe, kayak or on a SUP board. There are also numerous guides providing fishing tours.

Porvoo also has an abundance of parks, with numerous nature trails to follow, either on foot or via conveniently located city bikes. At Kokonniemi Bike Park there are over 8 downhill mountain biking slopes, served by a lift, and with rental services and a café.

Restaurant in Porvoo

Food and Culture

Porvoo is a dream come true for food lovers, where local kitchens conjure up traditional Finnish and Scandinavian delicacies as well as international flavors that are served with carefully selected wines and beers.

Visit an art exhibition, museum or church. See and experience in Porvoo at least J.L. Runeberg’s Home Museum and the stunning scenery from Porvoo Cathedral. The city has something to see for several days.

Shopping in Porvoo

Local souvenirs

Porvoo is a shopper’s paradise. You can find local food, drinks, design, antiques, and much more in our inspiring shops. Part of the shops are located in Old Porvoo but you can also find local products all around the city.

Little boutiques are filled with cute items to take home. Porvoo is famous for its own chocolate factories, coffee, arts and crafts, deli products, and fashion shops. You must reserve time to make a shopping tour.