Take advantage of serial tickets

Serial tickets -  fixed price


Serial tickets have always a fixed and affordable price. Serial ticket prices are always the same regardless of the day, or departure time. You can change your reservation free of charge until the end of check-in when it’s paid with serial ticket, and doesn’t have additional paid services. 

Serial tickets - Quick and easy process

Quick and easy

1. Register with your Club One number (you earn points and serial tickets will be available in app) or company number.
2. Select Traveller tickets and/or Car tickets, which you will purchase.
3. Pay for the selected serial tickets.

Serial tickets - flexible and convenient

Convenient tickets

You may buy serial tickets (set of 8, 14 or 24) for travellers and vehicles. You can use tickets on all Tallink ships on the Helsinki-Tallinn route. You can use up to 6 serial tickets per one reservation.