Mariehamn terminal

Mariehamn terminal


Västra hamnen
Hamngatan 24, 22100 Mariehamn
Tel. +358 (0) 40 193 5744 (check-in)


Opening hours

09:20-10:20 Baltic Princess (Kapellskär-Turku)

22:45-23:40 Silja Serenade/Silja Symphony (Stockholm-Helsinki)

00:00-00:45 Baltic Queen (Tallinn/Stockholm)

03:45-04:45 Silja Serenade/Silja Symphony (Helsinki-Stockholm)

Check-in ends 15 min before departure.


Mariehamn ticket sales
Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00
Tel. +358 20 388 288


There are separate check-in points for passengers traveling with and without a vehicle.

Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony (bound for Stockholm and Helsinki)

Baltic Princess (bound for Turku)

Baltic Queen (bound for Stockholm and Tallinn)

NB! Passengers traveling to Mariehamn from Stockholm, Kapellskär, Helsinki or Tallinn:

The stopover in Mariehamn harbor is very short, so all passengers leaving the ship must be at the entrance at least 10 minutes before the ship's arrival. All passengers traveling with a vehicle must be on the car deck at least 10 minutes before the vessel arrives.

No announcements will be made during nighttime arrivals. This means that it is the passenger's responsibility to wake up and allow sufficient time to disembark. A wake-up call can be requested to your cabin from the ship's information desk.

Please note that  Silja Line's ship Baltic Princess makes a quick stop in Långnäs at 23:20 in the evening on the way from Turku to Kapellskär. Långnäs is situated 30 km from Mariehamn.





More information about the services at the ferry terminal on the Port of Mariehamn website →

Taxi station and bus stop (local service) outside the terminal.