Port of Kapellskär


Kapellskär 14
760 15 Gräddö, Sverige
p. +46 (0) 86666030
Port of Kapellskär web site

The port of Kapellskär is located about 90 km north of Stockholm, about 20 km east of Norrtälje and 90 km east of Uppsala.

Check-in takes place at the Tallink Silja Cargo office (yellow building). Drive to the check-in via lane C.

There is no separate terminal building in the port.

Silja Line ship Baltic Princess operates from the port of Kapellkär to Turku during the period 22.8.2023 - 02.06.2024 & 19.08-31.12.2024

Traveling from Kapellskär to Turku is allowed only with a vehicle.
Traveling from Turku to Kapellskär is recommended with a vehicle. There is a very limited amount of tickets sold for passengers without their own vehicle.

Cargo ship Sailor operates from the port of Kapellskär to Paldiski.



Tallink Silja's car check-in can be accessed via entrance C. Arrive to check-in no later than one hour before departure.

You can also check-in in advance with the Tallink Silja mobile application or on a computer online 24 h - 45 min before departure. Read more about self check-in →

All reservations must always be checked-in no later than one hour (1 h) before the ship's departure. Reservations for passengers arriving later than this will no longer be valid. No refund will be made for unused tickets or coupons.

Opening hours
Check-in opens 1.5 hours before departure (around 05:45) and closes 30 minutes before departure (06:45).

Transport connections

By car
Kapellskär is located 90 km north from Stockholm

Timetable exceptions

Please note that there may be changes/exceptions in the ships' schedules due to e.g. maintenance days or weather conditions. Read more on the Timetables page