If you are wondering about the luggage restrictions or guidelines for Tallink and Silja Line vessels here below is useful information.


  • Amount and size
    We don't have limitations on the amount or the weight of your luggage.
  • No extra fees
    You are welcome to take as many bags as you need. We recommend having 1-2 pieces of luggage per person.
  • Self-service 
    The luggage must be taken by yourself from and on board. Please note that there are no luggage carts.
  • Helsinki-Tallinn fast ferries MyStar & Megastar
    There are two luggage rooms on deck 8 – price 2 € per person (max. two bags + overcoat). The luggage room closes after departure and opens 30 minutes before arrival (it is not possible to visit in between).

    Next to the luggage room on deck 8 and in the Sitting Lounge on deck 9 there are lockers for shopping bags and outdoor clothes – price 4 € for the big locker, 2 € for the small locker. Lockers are not suitable for big suitcases/luggage. The lockers work with €2, €1 and €0.50 coins.
  • Traveling with a vehicle
    If you have booked a place for the car, please note there is no access to the car deck during the overnight cruises. Pack a small carry-on bag with all the necessary items for your cabin. We recommend that you always keep your keys, travel documents, wallet and medication in your carry-on baggage. It can be difficult to drag heavy and large suitcases from/to the car deck.
  • Passenger's responsibilities
    Please note that suitcases and other luggage must not be left unattended on the ship's or terminal's premises. As Tallink Group assumes no liability for money, securities, and other valuables. You can contact ships Information Desk, should you need to store any valuables. Make sure your cabin door is closed when you are enjoying the cruise elsewhere.
  • Safety
    The passenger is not allowed to bring to a terminal or on board any luggage that may cause danger or considerable inconvenience for the terminal, the vessel, human beings or other luggage or cargo. The Carrier is entitled for safety reasons to check the passenger's identity and luggage both in terminals and onboard.