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The new Grande Buffet selection has arrived on Tallink's and Silja Line's cruise ships. Why do we call it grande? There is a reason for that..

Article published 18.6.2022. Rights for changes reserved.

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Grande Buffet - uusi kesävalikoima

Delicious new summer selection

Our Head Chef Jonas Niklasson with his team really put a swing on creating our assortment. The Grande Buffet is the right kind and place if hunger is Grande. Restaurant offers a unique opportunity to experience dishes in a combination you prefer and, on a scale, not served anywhere else on land in Scandinavia.

You are able to have a six-course meal divided between different themed markets and tables so it will be easy to pick what you fancy. There are over 140 dishes, sides, and condiments to find your flavors for the evening. Take your time and enjoy it bite-by-bite and market-by-market.

If it is green or vegan, you like, head over to Green Market. Vegan options are also available in other markets. The kitchen team have made sure the vegetables taste great to everyone. A mini-sized vegan beetroot burger is one of those delicacies that many go and get more.

Grande Buffet - Smörgåsbord-teemapöytä

On a plate right now: rhubarb and salmon

Stewed salmon and rhubarb chutney, yes please! Grande Buffet's newcomer Smörgåsbord is suitable for a start and means small portions and big taste experiences, made just like in Sweden. The smörgåsbord itself was introduced to the public as early as the Stockholm Olympics in 1912. Out of respect we don’t even try to translate or explain it deeply, welcome to try and taste yourself!

But we can tell that no Scandinavian feast is complete without fish or other marine delicacies found on Fisherman’s market. Herrings and Baltic herrings in a different marinade. Blazed salmon, lake fish mousse or marinated green mussels, there’s plenty to choose from.


Island hopping from one flavor to another

We put together the delicacies to different tables by themes. From farms and woods to the table - cold starters in the Farmers Market and gut warming selection of warm dishes are inspired by the richness of culinary delights from various cuisines. Meatballs Puttanesca, sticky chicken, melanzane or chilli sin carne are only a few to mention.

The dessert table brings it all together with sweet bites of cakes, desserts, and a selection of cheeses which can be enjoyed with a steaming cup of coffee and pousse-café. Jump from table to table as often as you like.

Remember that 0-5 years children eat for free with an adult at the Grande Buffet restaurant.

TIP: See below recipes for delicious butter with a Swedish twist and strawberry jam.

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Recipes from Grande Buffet theme table

  • Butter and Kalle's caviar

    Kalle's caviar & butter

    • 250 g lactosfree butter
    • 150 g Kalle's caviar
    • 0,25 dl rapsseed oil

    1. Whip up the softened butter
    2. Add the oil and Kalle's caviar.

    Mix until smooth.

    Serve in a bowl and put crispbread and crispbread chips around the butter dish.

  • Piquant strawberry jam a la Silja Line

    Piquant strawberry jam

    • 1,25 kg frozen strawberries*
    • 0,5 l fresh strawberries
    • 2 pcs lemongrass
    • 1 chili
    • 1,5 dl water
    • 750 g jam sugar
    • A pinch of salt

    1. Put the frozen strawberries in a pot with water juice.Let it thaw slowly on low heat.
    2. Pound and cut the lemongrass into small piecesand add to the pot.
    3. Take out the seeds of chili and cut finley, add to the pot.
    4. Add jam sugar and let it cook for about 15min.
    5. Right in the end add the fresh strawberries that you cut in wedges.

    * You can also cook the jam from all fresh strawberries (2 kg).

    The jam goes especially well with Swedish Präst and Västerbotten cheeses as well as other strong and hard cheeses.

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