Travel options

Tallink Shuttle provides the nicest way across the Baltic Sea. We offer travel options for every taste – on board of MyStar and Megastar you’ll enjoy the full package of Shuttle services, Star offers a lighter version.

  MyStar Megastar Star
Category Shuttle Shuttle Shuttle light
Sailing time 2h 2h 2,5h

Travel class

  MyStar Megastar Star
Star Class
Light Class
Comfort Lounge
Available for rent
Business Lounge
Available for rent
Platinum Lounge

Food experience

  MyStar Megastar Star
Delight Buffet
Fast Lane / Snack time
Sea Pub
Coffee & Co
The Chef’s Kitchen
Burger King
Family Picnic

*) Closed on Tallinn-Helsinki 06:30 departure.
**) Open from 08:00

Shopping experience

  MyStar Megastar Star
Shopping mall on the Baltic Sea
Limited assortment

For kids

  MyStar Megastar Star
Family Picnic with kids friendly food
Play area

Club One

  MyStar Megastar Star
Earn bonus points Standard rates Standard rates 25% from standard rates
Burn bonus points Standard rates Standard rates Reduced usage