Sustainable Travel Finland

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By 2035 Finland aims to be a sustainable, carbon neutral country. According to UNWTO, tourism contributes to 5% of the global emissions, and Visit Finland wishes to ensure tourism industry does its share to reach the national targets. Tallink Silja has undergone the entire Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland programme. So, you can be sure we take sustainability seriously.

Sustainable travel destinations and companies in Finland

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Responsible Holidays with Tallink & Silja Line ships

Sustainable Travel Finland

Tallink Silja has received Sustainable Travel Finland Label as the first ferry company on the Baltic sea. We make long-term actions to look after people, climate, resources and sea. We are a pioneer in sustainable tourism! press release → 

To ensure a future for the next generations, we must learn to provide leisure, luxury, travel, transport and work, with a true sense of responsibility. We want to leave behind a clean world with prosperous communities and happy people. So we will take action. For the Future.