Timetable for Visby cruises

Visby-cruises are perfect choice for families, couples and group of friends

Timetable for Visby cruise with Europa on Sundays  3.7., 10.7., 17.7.,  24.7., 31.7. and 7.8.2022:

Departure day Finnish time 

  • 15:00 Boarding starts in Helsinki West terminal T2
  • 15:45 Departure from Helsinki (West terminal T2)
  • 20:00 Departure from Tallinn (D-terminal)

In Visby Swedish time

  • 09:00 Arrival to Visby
  • Recommended disembarkation 09:00-10:00 for passengers with excursions, and after 10:00 for the ones without to avoid the crowds. Disembarkation starts after announcements onboard through cardeck on deck 3.
  • 09:00-19:30 nonstop-bus transfer between harbor and Visby city centre (Österport)
  • 20:30 Departure from Visby - OBS! Arrival to ship 19:45 at the latest!

Arrival day Finnish time 

  • 11:45 Arrival to Tallinn (D-terminal)
  • 12:30 Departure from Tallinn
  • 16:00 Arrival to Helsinki (West terminal T2)


Useful and important information

Visby-risteilyllä rentoudut Sauna Beach -osastolla ja shoppailet edullisesti

Get to know the best excursions and book them in advance.

Important to know when travelling to Visby.

Travel documents:

All passengers must have passport or valid ID card granted by police. Please check regulations to Estonia (stop over in Tallinn) and Sweden based on your nationality.

Parked car:
On Visby -cruise it is possible to book parked car place for your vehicle (price 55 €). No disembarkation with car. Bookable via online or call center.

Bicycle onboard:
On Visby-cruise it is possible to book own bicycle with you (price 25 €) for a bikeride around Visby and Gotland. Bikes can be driven out around 10:30 after most of the other passengers have disembarked.

Money exchange:
There is no money exchange onboard and Swedish crown is not valid onboard.
We recommend to exchange money in advance
In Visby the nearest currency exchange is Forex Bank, Österväg 3A.
Bank -and credit cards are common for payment in Visby.

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